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Merger thresholds


Lear Competition Festival 21-23 September
Mergerfilers is co-sponsoring this year’s Lear Competition Festival in Rome, 21-23 September. The festival brings together stakeholders of the antitrust community, and experts from a variety of backgrounds addressing a range of very interesting competition law and economics topics. Click here to find the full agenda and registration form.
Peru: draft Guidelines for the qualification and analysis of merger transactions published
Indecopi has published draft Guidelines for the qualification and analysis of merger transactions.
EU's General Court confirms Commission's new merger referral policy in Illumina/Grail case
By Björn Herbers and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS Hasche Sigle)
Ten key takeaways of the draft revision for the EU merger control procedure
By Dr Björn Herbers (CMS, Brussels) and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS, Germany)
Merger control statistics - Australia 2020-21
By Roderick Kennedy, Amanda Tesvic and Alyssa Phillips (Ashurst)
New thresholds etc. in Turkey
With effect from 4 May 2022, merger regulations have been amended in Turkey, including significantly higher thresholds for merger filing - and a list of industries for which the thresholds are not fully applicable. 
New thresholds in Israel
New (higher) turnover thresholds for merger notifications have now entered into force in Israel.  Also note that a new notification form will apply as of 20 May 2022. From this date there will no longer be a simplified notification form available.
New significantly higher merger filing thresholds in Turkey
Merger regulations have been amended in Turkey, including significantly higher thresholds for merger filing - and a list of industries for which the thresholds are not fully applicable.  The changes apply from 4 May 2022.  The relevant changes are indicated in red boxes in the Merger Filing Guide.
Hamel-Smith - National Expert for Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Hamel-Smith. 
Updated US merger filing thresholds
Merger filing thresholds and thresholds for filing fees in the US have been updated - applicable as of 23 February 2022.

Latest Decisions

DECISION 21/05967: Volvo Denmark A/S - Titan Lastvogne A/S
28/09/2022 Denmark
The Danish Competition Council unconditionally approved Volvo Danmark's takeover of Titan Lastvogne after a lengthy pre-notification procedure followed by an extensive phase-II investigation. Volvo Denmark is part of the Swedish-based Volvo Gr ...
RULING of the Dutch administrative appeal court (CBb) ECLI:NL:CBB:2022:241: Sanoma Learning B.V. - Iddink Holding B.V.
12/07/2022 Netherlands
The Dutch competition authority (ACM) conditionally cleared the acquisition of sole control by Sanoma Learning B.V. over Iddink Holding B.V. Sanoma Learning was active in the field of media and education. Through its subsidiary Malmberg, Sanoma Le ...
Van Doorne
DECISION: Aurizon Holdings – One Rail Holding LP
14/07/2022 Australia
The ACCC decided not to oppose Aurizon Holdings Ltd's (Aurizon) proposed acquisition of One Rail Australia Holdings LP (One Rail), subject to a divestiture of One Rail's rail haulage business in New South Wales and Queensland (One Rail East C ...
DECISION: Culligan Group – Waterlogic Group Holdings Limited
30/06/2022 Australia
The ACCC decided not to oppose the proposed acquisition by Osmosis Buyer Limited (Osmosis), the owner of Culligan Group (Culligan), of Firewall Holding S.A.R.L (Firewall), the majority shareholder in Waterlogic Group Holdings Limited (Waterlogic) aft ...
DECISION – TFTC’s 1609th commissioners meeting of July 27, 2022: HOYA – Beijing BOE Vision
27/07/2022 Taiwan
HOYA Corporation (“HOYA”) and Beijing BOE Vision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (“Beijing BOE Vision”) established a joint venture company in China (“JV”).  Beijing BOE Vision is the subsidiary of BOE Tech ...
Tsar & Tsai
DECISION 22-10/144-59: Ferro Corporation - American Securities LLC
24/02/2022 Turkey
The transaction concerned the acquisition of sole control over Ferro Corporation (“Ferro”) by American Securities LLC (“AS”) through its solely controlled affiliate ASP Prince Holdings Inc. (“Prince”). The transact ...
ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law
DECISION COMP-MCCAA/08/2022: Apex Consolidation Entity Ltd – ZASMalta Limited
27/07/2022 Malta
The Office for Competition approved the acquisition of sole control of ZASMalta Limited by Apex Consolidation Entity Ltd (‘Apex’), a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom. Apex formed part of the A ...
Mamo TCV
DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.004540/2021-10: Compass Gás e Energia S.A. ("Compass") - Petrobras Gás S.A. – Gaspetro ("Gaspetro") - Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. ("Petrobras")
22/06/2022 Brazil
Compass' acquisition of 51% of Gaspetro's shares, previously held by Petrobras, was approved without conditions by CADE’s Administrative Tribunal in a full-form procedure.  The transaction was part of an obligation arising from ...
Pinheiro Neto
DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.005053/2021-74: Empreendimentos Pague Menos S.A. - Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A. - Imifarma Produtos Farmacêuticos e Cosméticos S.A.
22/06/2022 Brazil
Health products’ retailer Pague Menos' acquisition of Extrafarma was approved by CADE’s Administrative Tribunal, upon the execution of a merger control agreement, in a full-form procedure. Pague Menos was active in the markets of r ...
Pinheiro Neto
Judgment of the General Court in case T-227/21: Illumina, Inc. - Grail LLC
13/07/2022 European Union (EU)
The Illumina/Grail transaction (acquisition of Grail, a US biotechnology company working on cancer screening tests, by Illumina, another US biotechnology company and global leader in genomics) was the first case in which the Commission appl ...
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