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Merger thresholds


India – A snapshot of merger control status and statistics – November 2021
By Anshuman Sakle and Aakriti Thakur, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas ...
Vouga Abogados - National Expert for Paraguay
Paraguay is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Vouga Abogados.  ...
General Court backs European Commission in Altice gun jumping case – confirming strict standard for standstill obligation
The General Court dismissed Altice's action against the European Commission's 2018 decision imposing two fines totalling EUR 124.5 million for "gun jumping" in connection with Altice's acquisition of PT Portugal, confirming the ...
New domestic turnover threshold in Austria
In Austria, major changes to the Cartel and Competition Act have been adopted. The changes include 1) a new domestic turnover threshold, 2) introduction of the SIEC test and 3) an increase of the filing fee. Th ...
Revision of proposed FDI regime in the Netherlands
The draft Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulation presented by the Dutch government last year has, following significant criticism, been amended. The revised proposal has now been published. National experts, Van Doorne, have reviewed this ne ...
A general FDI regime came into force today in Denmark
The Danish FDI regime applies for any investments etc. completed on or after 1 September 2021. Accura has provided details on the rules in the Foreign Investment section. The Danish FDI regime is likely to apply to a broad range of investme ...
Esguerra - National Expert for Colombia
Colombia is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos.  ...
EU merger control regardless of thresholds - Article 22 referrals
By Dr Bjoern Herbers (CMS, Brussels) and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS, Germany) ...
Misleading information provided by merging parties
The European Commission’s recent EUR 7.5 million fine issued to Sigma-Aldrich  for providing misleading information during the Merck/Sigma-Aldrich merger control proceedings is a reminder for all parties in merger cases of the importance o ...
BBA//Fjeldco - National Expert for Iceland
Iceland is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by BBA//Fjeldco.  ...

Latest Decisions

DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.000149/2021-46: Localiza Rent a Car S.A. and Companhia de Locação das Américas.
15/12/2021 Brazil
Companhia de Locação das Américas’s (“Unidas”)’s transaction with competitor Localiza Rent a Car S.A. was approved by CADE’s Administrative Tribunal, upon execution of a merger control agreement ...
Pinheiro Neto
DECISION 21/10213: DFDS A/S - ICT Holding A/S
13/01/2022 Denmark
The Danish Competition Council approved DFDS A/S’ acquisition of sole control over ICT Holding A/S. DFDS A/S had a minority shareholding in ICT Holding A/S prior to the acquisition, but will now own all the shares in IC ...
DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.005700/2021-48: SAS Shipping Agencies Services SÀRL., MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. and Log-In Logística Intermodal S.A.
15/12/2021 Brazil
SAS Shipping Services SÀRL’s (“SAS”) acquisition of approximately 62% to 67% of the capital stock of Log-In Logística Intermodal S.A. through public offering of shares was reviewed by CADE with regards to the exer ...
Pinheiro Neto
COMP/MCCAA/18/2021: Jumio Acquisition LLC – FourStop GmbH
29/12/2021 Malta
The Office for Competition approved the acquisition of sole control of FourStop Gmbh, a company registered in Germany which provided compliance and anti-fraud risk services, by Jumio Acquisition LLC, a company registered in the United States and ...
Mamo TCV
DECISION DKK-233/2021: LUX MED sp. z o.o. - Lecznice Citomed sp. z o.o.
25/10/2021 Poland
The Polish Competition Authority (the PCA) cleared a concentration consisting of the acquisition of control over Lecznice Citomed sp. z o.o., with its registered seat in Toruń, Poland (Citomed, the target), by LUX MED sp. z o.o., with its registered ...
Allen & Overy
DECISION DKK-246/2021: DOZ S.A. - Euro-Apteka sp. z o.o. - MLV18 sp. z o.o. - Super Zdrowie sp. z o.o.
10/11/2021 Poland
The Polish Competition Authority (the PCA) cleared a concentration consisting of the acquisition of control over Euro-Apteka sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw, Super Zdrowie sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw and MLV18 sp. ...
Allen & Overy
DECISION DKK-277/2021: Carrefour Polska sp. z o. o. - Ingka Centres Polska sp. z o. o.
2/12/2021 Poland
The Polish Competition Authority (the PCA) cleared a concentration consisting of the acquisition of part of the assets of Ingka Centres Polska sp. z o. o. with its registered seat in Janki, Poland (acquired assets), by Carrefour Polska sp. z o. o. wi ...
Allen & Overy
7/09/2021 Spain
The transaction consisted on the acquisition of exclusive control of Funespaña, S.A. (“FUNESPAÑA”) (part of the MAPFRE group) by Santa Lucía, S.A., Compañía de seguros y reaseguros (“SANTA LUC&Iacu ...
DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.001846/2020-33: Hapvida Assistência Médica Ltda. e Plamed Plano de Assistência Médica Ltda.
1/12/2021 Brazil
Hapvida's acquisition of Plamed's healthcare plans business, client portfolio and some real state assets was prohibited by CADE’s Administrative Tribunal, as the parties failed to comply with the terms of the merger control agreeme ...
Pinheiro Neto
DECISION CT-2021-007: S&P Global Inc. - IHS Markit Ltd
21/12/2021 Canada
The Competition Bureau announced that it has reached an agreement with S&P Global Inc. to resolve competition concerns related to its proposed acquisition of IHS Markit Ltd (IHSM). In Canada, both companies operate price reporting agencies tha ...
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