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Merger thresholds


Argentina - Merger control status and statistics - May 2021
By Luis Barry, Carolina Abdelnabe Vila, Clara Rodríguez Llanos and Sonia Del Regno (Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen) ...
Dutch Court annuls approval of merger
By Sarah Beeston and Femke Beelen (Van Doorne) ...
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Adjustment of merger filing thresholds in Argentina
In Argentina, the merger filing thresholds have been increased as a consequence of the yearly review of the thresholds. You can find the thresholds under topic 14 in the merger control guide. Update provided by Pérez Alati, Grondo ...
Decrease of size-of-target threshold in Canada
In Canada, the size-of-target merger filing threshold has been decreased from 96 to 93 million CAD as a consequence of the yearly review of the threshold based on GDP.  Update provided by Stikeman Elliott. ...
Adjustment of thresholds etc. in Kazakhstan
In Kazakhstan, a set of changes to competition regulation and policy is being introduced. As part of these changes, the Competition authority has been restructured resulting in creation of the Agency which, unlike the Committee that it replaces, is a ...

Latest Decisions

DECISION COMP/MCAA/06/2021: Phoenix Tower International Group – M.T. Mediterranean Towers Limited
14/04/2021 Malta
The Office for Competition approved the acquisition of sole control of M.T. Mediterranean Towers Limited, a company owned by Epic Communications Limited, by Phoenix Tower International Limited. M.T. Mediterranean Towers Limited owned some of the a ...
Mamo TCV
DOJ Press release 21-339: Stone Canyon Industry Holdings LLC - SCIH Salt Holdings Inc. - Morton Salt Inc. - K+S Aktiengesellschaft
19/04/2021 United States
The Department of Justice announced that it would require Stone Canyon Industry Holdings LLC ("Stone Canyon") and its portfolio company SCIH Salt Holdings Inc. ("SCIH") to divest their entire evaporated salt business in order to p ...
DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.004940/2020-44: GSHMED Hemoterapia S.A. - UNIMED São Gonçalo-Niterói Sociedade Cooperava de Serviços Médicos e Hospitalares Ltda.
31/03/2021 Brazil
The GSHMED acquisition of the shares held by Unimed Leste Fluminense in the capital stock of a specific purpose company was unconditionally approved by CADE’s Administrative Tribunal in a fast-track procedure. GSHMED was active in the provis ...
Pinheiro Neto
Decision No. 732/2021: Assicurazioni Generali - Societa per Azioni; Axa Insurance S.A. (Greek branch)
1/04/2021 Greece
The Hellenic Competition Commission unconditionally approved pursuant to Art. 8(3) of Greek Law 3959/2011, the proposed acquisition by the company "Assicurazioni Generali - Societa per Azioni" of the 99,9% of the shares of the com ...
D.K. Avgitidis & Associates Law Firm
FTC Matter/File Number 191 0110: E. & J. Gallo Winery - Constellation Brands, Inc.
30/03/2021 United States
The FTC approved a final order settling charges that E. & J. Gallo Winery's $1.7 billion acquisition of assets from Constellation Brands, Inc. would violate federal antitrust law.  E. & J. Gallo and Constellation Brands were both ...
FTC Matter/File Number 201 0144: Illumina Inc. - GRAIL, Inc.
5/04/2021 United States
The FTC filed an adminsitrative complaint in an attempt to block Illumina, Inc.'s proprosed $1.7 billion acquisition  of GRAIL, Inc. Illumina  and GRAIL were both involved in the research, development, and commercialization of MCED t ...
DOJ Press release 21-292: Republic Services Inc. - Santek Waste Services LLC
31/03/2021 United States
The Department of Justice announced that it would require Republic Services Inc. ("Republic") to divest waste collection and disposal assets in five states in order to proceed with its acquisition of Santek Waste Services LLC ("Santek& ...
DECISION: Mega Or Holdings Ltd. - Discount Investment Company Ltd
16/03/2021 Israel
The Israeli Competition Authority ("ICA") approved the merger between Mega Or Holdings Ltd. and Discount Investment Company Ltd. with conditions. The parties were both active within the real estate rental market and in particular, commercia ...
DECISION DKK-65/2021: Sailing Group A/S - Tesco Polska sp. z o.o.
11/03/2021 Poland
The Polish Competition Authority (the PCA) cleared a concentration consisting of the acquisition of Tesco Polska sp. z o.o. (Tesco, the target) by Sailing Group A/S (SG, the acquirer). The decision was issued as a result of the phase-II proceedings a ...
Allen & Overy
DECISION 728/2021: Alpha Satellite Television SA - New Television SA - Green Pixel Productions SA
24/03/2021 Greece
The Hellenic Competition Commission unconditionally approved the acquisition of joint control by Alpha Satellite Television SA (which operated the Greek TV station “ALPLHA”) and New Television SA (which operated the Greek TV sta ...
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