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Merger thresholds


New thresholds etc. in Turkey
With effect from 4 May 2022, merger regulations have been amended in Turkey, including significantly higher thresholds for merger filing - and a list of industries for which the thresholds are not fully applicable. 
New thresholds in Israel
New (higher) turnover thresholds for merger notifications have now entered into force in Israel.  Also note that a new notification form will apply as of 20 May 2022. From this date there will no longer be a simplified notification form available.
New significantly higher merger filing thresholds in Turkey
Merger regulations have been amended in Turkey, including significantly higher thresholds for merger filing - and a list of industries for which the thresholds are not fully applicable.  The changes apply from 4 May 2022.  The relevant changes are indicated in red boxes in the Merger Filing Guide.
Hamel-Smith - National Expert for Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Hamel-Smith. 
Updated US merger filing thresholds
Merger filing thresholds and thresholds for filing fees in the US have been updated - applicable as of 23 February 2022.
Díez Canseco Competencia & PI - National Expert for Peru
Peru has been added to the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Díez Canseco Competencia & PI.
India – A snapshot of merger control status and statistics – November 2021
By Anshuman Sakle and Aakriti Thakur, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
Vouga Abogados - National Expert for Paraguay
Paraguay is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Vouga Abogados. 
General Court backs European Commission in Altice gun jumping case – confirming strict standard for standstill obligation
The General Court dismissed Altice's action against the European Commission's 2018 decision imposing two fines totalling EUR 124.5 million for "gun jumping" in connection with Altice's acquisition of PT Portugal, confirming the Commission's findings regarding the infringements and only correcting the amount of the fine by 10%. The judgment provides important clarifications regarding the interpretation and the application of the notification obligation and the standstill obligation for transactions subject to EU merger control.
New domestic turnover threshold in Austria
In Austria, major changes to the Cartel and Competition Act have been adopted. The changes include 1) a new domestic turnover threshold, 2) introduction of the SIEC test and 3) an increase of the filing fee. These three amendments will only have effect from 31 December 2021 (whereas it was previously unclear whether this will also be the case for the new domestic turnover threshold, the Austrian Competition Authority now has taken the view that this second domestic turnover threshold will only apply to concentrations implemented after 31 December 2021). The new domestic turnover threshold will reduce the number of filings necessary in Austria. 

Latest Decisions

DOJ Press Release 22-296: Cargotec Corporation (Cargotec) - Konecranes Plc (Konecranes)
29/03/2022 United States
Cargotec Corporation (Cargotec) confirmed that it has abandoned its intended merger with Konecranes Plc (Konecranes) one day after the DOJ Antitrust Division informed the parties that the settlement proposal was not sufficient to address concerns tha ...
DECISION – TFTC’s 1593th commissioners meeting of April 6, 2022: Excelsior Medical – Fresenius Medical Care
6/04/2022 Taiwan
Through its subsidiary, Excelsior Medical Co., Limited (Hong Kong) (“EMCHK”) Excelsior Medical Co., Ltd. (“EMC”) acquired nearly 50% of the shares of Cardinal Medical Services Ltd. (“CMS”) and Nephrocare ...
Tsar & Tsai
FTC Matter/File Number 2110131: American Securities Partners VII, L.P. - Prince International Corporation - Ferro Corporation
21/04/2022 United States
The FTC required Prince International Corp. (“Prince”) and Ferro Corp. (“Ferro”) to divest three facilities as a condition of Prince’s parent company’s – American Securities Partners VII, L.P. – acquisi ...
FTC Matter/File Number 2210001: Hikma Pharmaceuticals - PLC-Custopharm, Inc - Water Street Healthcare Partners, LLC - Water Street Healthcare Partners III, L.P - Water Street Healthcare Partners IV, L.P. - Long Grove Pharmaceuticals LLC
19/04/2022 United States
As a condition of Hikma Pharmaceutical PLC (Hikma)’s $375 million acquisition of Custopharm, Inc., the FTC required that Custopharm’s parent company retain and transfer Custopharm’s assets related to the corticosteroid drug triamcin ...
DECISION DKK-69/2022: sp. z o. o./Mall Group a.s./WE|DO CZ s.r.o.
2/03/2022 Poland
The Polish Competition Authority (the PCA) cleared a concentration consisting of the acquisition of Mall Group a.s. with its registered seat in Prague, Czech Republic (Mall Group, the Target) and WE|DO CZ s.r.o. with its registered s ...
Allen & Overy
DECISION 21/09190: Alm. Brand A/S - Codan Forsikring A/S
27/04/2022 Denmark
The Danish Competition Council approved Alm. Brand's acquisition of the Danish activities of Codan Forsikring after phase II procedure with extensive investigations among business clients, competing insurance companies and insurance bro ...
Norwegian Competition Appeals Tribunal repeals the Competition Authority's prohibition of DNB ASA's acquisition of Sbanken ASA – V01-2022
16/03/2022 Norway
The Competition Appeals Tribunal repealed the Norwegian Competition Authority's (the "NCA") prohibition of DNB's acquisition of Sbanken. The acquisition was notified to the NCA in May 2021. Both parties were active within retail ban ...
DECISION 2021/KOV/SKP/3/28: Ing. Patrik Tkác - Ladislav Bödök - Panta Rhei s.r.o. - CANNEL EQUITY LIMITED - Ing. Igor Mrva - IKAR, a.s.
4/06/2021 Slovak Republic
The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic approved the acquisition of joint control over Panta Rhei and IKAR by several individuals, subject to conditions. There were three individuals who ultimately acquired control over the target companies ...
Havel & Partners
DOJ Press Release 22-253: Grupo Verzatec S.A. de C.V. (Verzatec) - Crane Composites (Crane)
17/03/2022 United States
The Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit to stop Grupo Verzatec S.A. de C.V. (Verzatec) from acquiring its biggest competitor, Crane Composites (Crane), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crane Co. The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for ...
DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.000149/2021-46: ALD Automotive S.A. - Localiza Rent a Car S.A. and Companhia de Locação das Américas.
23/02/2022 Brazil
CADE’s Administrative Tribunal reviewed  a motion for clarifications filed against CADE’s Administrative Tribunal by ALD Automotive S.A. (“ALD”), a third party in the Merger Case No. 08700.000149/2021-46 (Locali ...
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