EU merger control regardless of thresholds
By Dr Bjoern Herbers (CMS, Brussels) and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS, Germany)
In March 2021 the European Commission introduced a new policy regarding Article 22 of the EU Merger Regulation (EUMR), which allows EU member states to refer mergers to the EU for review. Under the new policy, the Commission has begun accepting refer ...
Misleading information provided by merging parties
By Dr Bjoern Herbers (CMS, Brussels)
Until a few years ago, proceedings regarding infringements of procedural rules of EU merger control were very rare. This has changed. In 2017 the European Commission (“Commission”) started a series of investigations for violations of proc ...
The Netherlands - Merger control status and statistics 2019-2020
By Sarah Beeston and Cihan Erdogan (Van Doorne)
Merger control procedures in the Netherlands Undertakings are required to notify mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures (concentrations) if the merger thresholds are met. In the Netherlands the thresholds for concentrations in the health care se ...
Argentina - Merger control status and statistics - May 2021
By Luis Barry, Carolina Abdelnabe Vila, Clara Rodríguez Llanos and Sonia Del Regno (Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen)
The current status of the merger control system in Argentina faces possible changes in the near future. Currently, the Argentine Antitrust Law No. 27,442 (“AAL”) is under a post-closing merger control regime. However, the AAL provides for ...
Dutch Court annuls approval of merger
By Sarah Beeston and Femke Beelen (Van Doorne)
The merging parties On 1 October 2019 Sanoma Learning completed the acquisition of Iddink, a distributor of schoolbooks. Sanoma Learning is active in the field of media and education. Through its subsidiary Malmberg, Sanoma Learning is a publisher ...
Important changes expected in EU Merger Control
By Björn Herbers and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS Hasche Sigle)
There will be no major overhaul of EU merger controls, but more fine-tuning to concentrate on the things that matter'" – This was the bottom-line of a speech by EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager at the International Bar Associati ...
Chile - Merger control status and statistics - September 2020
By Matias Palma; Alvaro Espinosa and Ignacio Larrain (Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría)
There is a broad consensus in Chile that, since its entry into force in 2017, the merger control system has been efficient and has fulfilled its mission of providing certainty regarding which transactions must undergo mandatory merger control. In thi ...
Dutch court rejects public interest claim in merger case
By Nina Korstenbroek and Sarah Beeston (Van Doorne N.V.)
ACM refuses to grant a license After a phase II merger investigation, the ACM  refused to grant PostNL (the largest national mail delivery service provider) a license for its intended acquisition of Sandd. According to the ACM the c ...